LaTeX2HTML is a utility that converts LaTeX documents to web pages in HTML.

LaTeX2HTML replicates the basic structure of a LaTeX document as a set of interconnected HTML files which can be explored using automatically generated navigation panels. The cross-references, citations, footnotes, the table of contents and the lists of figures and tables, are also translated into hypertext links. Formatting information which has equivalent tags in HTML (lists, quotes, paragraph breaks, type styles, etc.) is also converted appropriately. The remaining heavily formatted items such as mathematical equations, pictures or tables are converted to images which are placed automatically at the correct positions in the final HTML document.

Getting LaTeX2HTML

LaTeX2HTML is available as a package through Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu for Linux, and through Homebrew and Macports for MacOS.

Source distributions and development repositories are available on github.

For more information see the latex2html mailing list.